Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Shaving Cream!

This is quite a full post....but oh so much fun!

I had a can of shaving cream, and was trying to invest more time and do fun things with the girls this summer. One evening, Brian was working late, and I decided we'd have a extra fun evening. I invited Miss S and Aunt K over for some fun with us too. I had no expectations what would happen, but things certainly got out of control, but SO. MUCH. FUN. 

We started with just a little....

E is still in the taste testing of everything stage.

More Please!

Pretty sure shaving cream in the hair was all Miss S' fault...

Then it was time to get cleaned up. I certainly hadn't expected quite this mess, or I'd of dressed the girls differently. I decided they needed to be hosed off...which gave another fun element to our evening... E didn't quite think so...

Once clean, it turned into a game with A...

Miss S then thought she'd try to get me with the saving cream...her disadvantage was that I had the water hose, and wasn't afraid to use it.

I gave in to our sweet little one, and let her put it on my foot thought.

Fun memories with our girls. It was totally worth their hair smelling like men's aftershave for the next several day...I promise!! I did try incredibly hard to get it out though!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fun Friends!

We've been trying to get with some dear friend in Christ who live out of town, but the timing just hadn't worked out. Then, the Lord did it, and they came down for a couple day visit! Brian & I were so blest and encouraged by their kindred spirit, love for the Lord, and sweet fellowship we enjoyed together. 

After dinner one evening, we loaded up and went to Kemah for a nice evening outing. See how excited the girls are?!

Daddy love!

Escapeeeee!!!!!! No!!!!

The splash pad definitely captivated Aspen...as well as the live music that was being played... 
The girls were timid of the water, but intrigued too...it was fun watching them be adventurous.

"Mommy!!! I got wet!!!"

We had such a blast. Thank you 'D' family for coming for a visit! And, please hurry up and come back again!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Tea party/Baby Shower Cake

Yet again, I didn't get an amazing picture of this cake. But, yet again, the Lord blest, and pulled this cake together in amazing ways. To Him be the glory...He did it! 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

My Little Herd - 2014

By now, ya'll know it is TRADITION in this Moreno household, to 'dress like a cow, get free food' on the special Chickfila day! Here's how our day went down..

The Upstairs carpet got cleaned...not important to ya'll, but part of the day. :) Then a couple girls from our youth group wanted to hang out, so I decided to no tell them the plan, but just drag them into this tradition with us. After our little girls went down for nap, we broke out the paint and got busy on our shirts...outfits!

Then it was time to get ready...

Gotta love the creativity of those ears!

IS this not the cutest herd you've ever seen?!

Sweet baby calf... :) Adorable...if I can say so myself.

Aspen had more fun playing after she ate, then anything else I think. :) Fun memories! Ya'll should try it next time. Yes, you feel like a stupid, idiot, but...the process and reward is fun...plus, the memory lasts a lifetime.