Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Sigh... Really?!

Really?! Has it been THAT long since I blogged?! My Goodness. Lots has changed since I blogged. Some Good, well...All Good, Because God is Good. Always. Thats not to say it's not hard, or challenging, or just flat out, NOT FUN. But, still Good. Because, He. Is. Good.

There's really no way to recap most things. Although I'm so, so tempted to try! We went to CO this summer... Along the way, literally, God provided us a new-to-us van, since mine went out on us in Quanah, Texas. (Yup, Quanah, look it up! lol) We all squeezed into Mom & Dad's car, (Praise God we were following them!), and we van-shopped all the way to Amarillo. Thankfully, my cousin and family got us intouch with a respectable car-salesman AND the van we found online was on his lot! It's amazing how God answers prayers! Even the one I prayed back in March in relation to 'providing the right van, at the right time, in the right place, and the right price.' *always be prepared for 'the right time' not no exactly be YOUR right time. :)

Colorado was fun and special!

We hit the door running, as Brian accepted the job offer as Head High School Band Director at Manvel High in June! Huge switch and gear change for us, as TC was only 10 minutes away, and now MHS is 45! But, again, God's leading and answer to prayer also guided this decision.

The girls and I filled our days enjoying Moody Gardens Palm Beach, and tons of other various things. :) As the summer progressed, and now turned into Autumn, or at least the calendar says so -- as it's a balmy 78-80's degrees outside, and football regular season for high school wraps up, and playoffs for us begin -- I've seen our days fly faster than I can truly enjoy. The girls are growing SO much. We've been doing preschool with them both, and they're just taking off! In addition, God's helped me paint all the 'visible' downstairs, we've attended football games, all the marching contests (!!!), led a teens Bible study, and just kept up with the craziness of life -- like the a/c going out and staying out for over a week, and a undiscovered water "leak" that went unnoticed for far too long.  

Lots of ups, and downs...and yes, even ALL arounds. How grateful I am for my lifeline in Christ Jesus, and the fellowship of fellow followers who exhort, counsel, and pray us those hard years. 

So, in an extremely small nutshell, there's our life. I will say, Brian did an AMAZING job with the Marching show this year! God is blessing his work there at Manvel, and I'm super proud of him!

I'll leave you with some pictures, and I'd love to promise to post more soon. Check back! You never know when God might drop time like today in my lap! :) 

My poor van... (Sry, don't have a pic of my new van on my camera, it was on my phone!)

 For my out-of-state friends :)

Dress like a cow, get free food - "really, Mom?!" It was fun, promise! My shirt was the best -- the 'spots' were the girls handprints!

Go Mavericks!!!

Huge tree in San Antonio

With Daddy and his band

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