Saturday, July 26, 2014

Uncle Oscar's Party

These pictures also aren't the best...but, it was a special evening.

Uncle Oscar, Dad Moreno's brother, and best friend, had his 60th birthday party. Pretty much, if not all for sure, the Moreno family was there. From the looks of it, us Moreno's mostly kept our composures over all, but I can say personally --- I just wanted to sit and cry. It was odd to be there and not have Dad there too. He would have LOVED that party. It was especially hard to not cry when the family talked about Dad and the fun times he and Oscar had had, or how much he was missed. Lots of deep breaths, and extra blinking -- thankfully, my mascara didn't run... It was a very sweet, happy time for the family -- but, I missed Dad, and I know everyone else did too.

The girls had such a fun time playing...mostly spinning around. They were so happy!

Giving kisses!

Happy (very belated) birthday Uncle Oscar!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Scooter...

Aspen LOVES scooters! Her cousins have one, there's one at Granny's house...she LOVES it. Eliana is too little to do it herself, but with some help, she loves it too. The other day, I found one, so we snatched it for the girls. was broken, but Aspen loved the poor piece of junk anyway. She rode it, even though it hardly worked. Brian had a heart of compassion and tried his best to fix the scooter for Aspen, but he couldn't. So, the next day on our trip to walmart, he surprised us all and bought one for the girls to share. They were SO very excited... He's such a sweet daddy!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Take Me Out to the Ball Game....

Brian thought it'd be neat to take the youth group to a baseball game. So, we did!! There were enough tickets for us as a family to go too. The girls did pretty good over all, and it proved to be a very nice family evening. PTL! 

I'm SOOO thankful you can now take your own food into the Park! That was a HUGE help. :)

Aspen was super excited about the outing as a whole and had so much fun!

Aunt Keri was sweet to tag along and be willing to help with the girls as needed. Mom Moreno and the boys also came, and helped tremendously too!! 

Aspen was so sleepy...she fell asleep with Cotton Candy in her hand! Eliana, was sneaky and once Aspen was deep asleep, Eliana took it out of her hand and ate it herself....

Friday, July 18, 2014

Wedding Cakes

One of Brian's cousins got married in June... I had the honor of doing the cakes for them. I was personally disappointed in the way it turned out. I had lots of issues with the decorating aspect of these cakes. But, Praise the Lord, they tasted great, which made up for some of my disappointment.

The wedding was held at a really neat Venue....there were several Peacocks walking around the premise. This first picture is a momma peacock and her babies!

The pictures of these cakes are awful too... I'm sure the absolutely Beautiful bride has better pics... PTL! 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tuckered Out!

Every parent has pictures of their child falling asleep during dinner. Well...Aspen never did that. She has been super close before, but never quite given it up. One evening in June, Eliana did it, and I was shocked. It was too cute to see her fall asleep, and gradually her head end up resting on her arm... 

Monday, July 14, 2014


The girls have been playing more in Aspen's room and I went to check on them when I thought things were getting kind of quiet. I found Eliana in the sink of the kitchen set... she crawls out through the microwave door... 


Saturday, July 12, 2014

the ZOOOO!!!

Aspen could hardly contain herself! It was her final G&G Day of the semester, and what better place to go -- but to the Zoo!! (Thank you sweet friend for the day passes! It was such a blessing!!!)

Pictures of this day aren't the greatest, but they're still pictures for you to see, and us to remember this special time by.

Looking at the Elephants...

There's a baby Elephant in there... It's mommy was getting a shower, and the baby happily played around to pass time. The baby was 'so small'....for an elephant!

  Sitting on a Texas Size ladybug -- remember Aspens party this year?!

Pretty sure we were looking at the giraffes -- which had other safari type animals in the habitat also.

Granny treated the girls to a ride on the carousal. I thought it was pretty cool - Eliana was free, and adults get to stand beside the kids so -- 4 for the price of 1 -- not bad. :D

Aspen using Granny's camera to take a picture of the turtles...

Sea Lions...they were quite playful!

Eliana took in as much as she possibly could -- She was awake one second, and out cold the next!

It was such a fun time seeing just a "handful" of God's amazing creatures.