Sunday, April 20, 2014

Spring Break '14 - Friday

Friday found us going to another park, and having a picnic again... 

Climbing high...

Back home and playing outside...

We had such a wonderful Spring Break!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Spring Break '14 - Thursday

Thursday afternoon, we took the youth Group Putt Putt, which then ended with a Spaghetti Dinner & Bible Study sponsored by a sweet church family of ours. This was Aspen's first time to go Putt Putt, and Nanny & the kids got to tag along too!

Patiently or impatiently waiting...

Go NANNY!!!!

I 'wore' Eliana...she finally gave it up about 1/2 way through...I was so grateful, she kept pulling my hair. :) But, I wouldn't trade that memory!

Aspen tells everyone (it seems) about going Putt Putt. She had such a blast!!!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Baby Annabella!!!

Meet the newest Moreno!! Okay, technically, she's an Allen..but...we'll claim her! Remember my 'Baby Allen' post? Our oldest Moreno niece, Marisa, had their sweet little baby girl in February. Due to runny noses, and ridiculous schedules, we didn't get to meet her until Spring Break!! 

Uncle Bear is 'tickled pink' with his new niece... He's finally a 'great' Uncle...course, he says he's always been a Great Uncle!

Aspen was so excited to hold Annabella! 

Eliana enjoyed looking at Annabella, but didn't want Mommy getting to close... ;)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring Break '14 - Wednesday

On Wednesday, we were invited to go Strawberry Picking with some friends from church. SUCH fun! The girls had a blast filling a whole bucket for one of the friends....

Daddy & Aspen getting started

Eliana trying to figure it all out

"This ground is hard to walk on!"

Taste Testing...

Making sure its ripe...

"I'm smiling....but I am busy..."

Yet another fun family outing!! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Break '14 - Tuesday

Some of you may know this, but most probably don't. For years now, I've struggled & desired to feed our family the best possible. Finances and practicality usually win out over my desire to 'eat healthy', but it's been there. When Aspen was a baby, I researched Raw Milk vs. Milk purchased at the grocery store (pasteurized/homogenized...) After discussing it over with Brian, it was determined that wasn't an option for us at that, I bought the best grocery store milk I felt I could find. And then...Eliana came along, and once again I was apprehensive to give her Milk, thus the whole Raw Milk discussion came up again. With MUCH, MUCH prayer, and the Lord pretty much doing a miracle of changing minds, I'm grateful to say, we have switched to drinking Raw Cows Milk. Yay!! (I know, we're weirdos...I'm still working on changing lots of other things too, I promise!)

There is LOTS to consider when purchasing/consuming Raw Milk. For us, the top #1 thing is the Dairy/Cows it comes from. So, off we went for a trip to the dairy! 

Walking over to see the baby calves...

Aren't they cute?! The Mama's were out in the pasture, and I didn't snap a picture of them...

After leaving the dairy with fresh milk, fresh eggs, and a bonus of free fresh Sour Cream, we were off to find a picnic place. We got all set up, and then decided it was too windy and cool...

Thus, we picnic-ed in the back of the van. It was way better -- the girls especially thought so because they could sort of move around.

Pointing at the big trucks zooming by...

After lunch and a little drive, we went to the Woodlands, where Brian had an appointment. We were way early, but were able to find a fun park for the girls to get their wiggles out! 

We had such a fun family day!!! 

If any of you are interested, I'd be happy to discuss Raw Milk with you... Also, I suggest clicking here and typing 'milk' into the search box... it's what helped solidify our decision. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Park...

The week before Spring Break, Brian surprised us with a fun family day - trip to the park. It was Eliana's first time to the park since she started walking...

Monday, April 14, 2014

Eliana's Winter ONE-derland

We had Eliana's Birthday party the end of February...the theme, Winter One-derland! :) Doesn't quite go with our new blog background, but that's okay. We had a blast planning it - PTL for after Christmas Sales - We got most our decor then. :) We didn't have anything super major...just a sweet time celebrating our Precious Gift!

(Ya'll forgive my lack of creativity with these day I'm going to do collages to save ya'll time scrolling down!)

The Table with Treats...

The Birthday Girl - waiting for guests

Granny came early to help with the finishing touches

A few of the guests...

Cake Time!!! - for those of you who don't know us well, I'm very guarded on the amount of sugar my girls havce -- mainly before their 1st birthdays... Since this was technically after her big day, Eliana had had some, but it was still pretty new...

"This is ok for me to have mommy?!"


She just kept eating and eating...(she didn't eat all that cake, some of it fell into her chair.)

Opening presents...

Sharing the new toy already

After the party...and after dinner...Eliana was given a cupcake - but without the frosting!

It was such a blessing to celebrate Eliana with some of our Friends & Family! We missed you if you couldn't make it that day! "Thank you Lord for Eliana!!"