Friday, March 6, 2015

End Of December

This is how December ended, and January Began...

Did I mention it included packing the attic?! PTL it got done on New Year's day... Hadn't planned to do it then,  but I don't know when I'd of had time to do it again after that. PTL for His promptings and changing schedules.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Christmas in a Flash (haha)

Christmas Break was full of festivities, family...and house showings. :D It was kicked off by our 5th Wedding Anniversary, and ended with a offer on the house! 

Monday, March 2, 2015

The Leaves

I think one of my most fond memories of December this year were the leaves. Us McDonald's were called together for family portraits. (Will be posted once I remember to pick mine up!) We did the photoshoot in the McDonald Homestead Backyard. Daddy cleaned of the yard real nice, but raked the leaves into 2 large piles for the grandkids to play in after pictures! It created such sweet time for us ALL to be kids, sweet memoreis, and FUN, but fuzzy pictures. 

Thanks Mom & Dad for cultivating this special time!! I know I needed it! 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Misc. To Get You Up to Speed

Here's just a bunch of sweet moments throughout Nov/Dec.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cake Craziness

The week before we put the house on the market I had 2 cake orders to fill. If you ever wondered what my kitchen looks like when I do you know. (btw...I am still doing cakes from the's not too much farther!)

(This was not the finished product!!!)

LOVED all the colors

Fun. Fun.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Attempt to Catch Up...'s been about 3 or 4 months since I sat down at my computer and wrote a blogpost! SO much has changed since I sat down and blogged. SO. MUCH.!!! 

This is the biggest change for us...

After much prayer and discussion we listed our home to sell on November 8th (I think). The Lord laid it on my heart through a Bible Study I did September - October. Once I shared it with Brian, and we prayer about it, God totally took it out of our hands and things moved FAST. The slowest part was the actual sale... We had exactly or just over 20 showings of the house in 8 weeks. Keep in mind, Thanksgiving AND Christmas were in there too. I didn't realize how tense keeping the house always ready for a showing really affected me until I started packing and making a mess everywhere. We were so excited to be under contract, but the mess the followed so quickly was crazy. PRAISE GOD the house sold EXACTLY the week we needed it to. Literally! It was SO God. His Timing is always perfect -- never a second early, OR late. Sunday Night December 28th, we sat as a 4-some family and cried out to God to sell the house that week or very quickly if it was His will. We had a showing set up for 9 o'clock the next morning, along with other throughout that next Monday. The person who came at 9 o'clock came back Wednesday afternoon with family to scope it out more, and by Friday night we had a good offer! It was Amazing to see God work. Everything went smoothly, and we closed on February 5th. Praise God!!! (Thank you to all who knew and prayed us through all that!!)

So... Because the house was on the market, showings, Holidays, etc... I did not have time to escape away to find internet and blog. BUT!!! We have wifi at home now (PTL/yay!!), so hopefully I can get back and have regular postings of our daily minutes for ya'll to enjoy. 

I'm sure you're wondering... "Where did they move to?!" We are now officially Islanders with Mom Moreno! :D Various things led us to this arrangement, and we are thrilled to continue to see God's hand in it. Yay!

This picture was the Wednesday afternoon Showing before we received the offer on Friday. We didn't typically pick up stuff, but there were a couple times we did. Praise God for gift Cards that get saved more less on accident! French Fries and Lemonade made this afternoon MUCH more enjoyable. 

We officially moved on Jan. 21st. I think I can say we're settled in now. I still have books, decor and a only a couple misc. boxes to unpack. Perhaps I'll get those done this week... in-between daily Mommy/wife tasks, being on-call as a doula, and the 100-serving cake order to fill for this weekend. ;)